Panasonic HC55PP Noise Canceling Earbuds

March 3, 2010

This is some cool technology which has fascinated me for a long time.

I first tried this technology a few years back at a Brookstone store where they had a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones. Putting them on, I immediately noticed a significant portion of low frequency background noise was eliminated. I could still hear ambient noise but it sounded filtered and cleaner.  I knew at some point I had to get some.

Fast forward a few years to now.  I picked up a pair of these earbuds. I did so knowing I would be flying and I wanted something to reduce the pain of flying. Consumer Reports rated this a best value.  What’s the verdict?

The unit requires one AAA battery. There is a volume control on the body. The unit must be on for sound to come through when attached to a MP3 player.

I tested it on TV channel static. The low frequency static decibel cancellation reduction was immediately noticeable. In addition, the overall dB level was reduced.  On the plane it canceled out the low frequency constant rumble.  Too bad it didn’t cancel out crying babies.

It is a definite keeper but as far as I can recollect the Bose headphones were better. But these cost less than $50 vs.$200 or more for the Bose.


Rolex Submariner

October 24, 2009


Back when I first seriously considered buying one, it cost under $3000. Today it retail for over $5000.  One day when I win the lottery…that I don’t even play.

Here’s a place that legitimately that sells used:

Aaron Faber

Here’s a site that goes into some details on what to look for in spotting real vs fake Rolexes.

Micro Jet 310 Lighter Torch

October 17, 2009


Take an ordinary lighter and convert it into a 2400 degree F torch.  Guy Stuff! It use to be available at Lowe’s.  Now I can’t find it.

Cooper Cooler

August 16, 2009

Cooper cooler

It cools a 12 oz can of pop from 77 F to 34 F in 1 minute.  That’s what the ad claims.  It’s more than a claim and is fact according to an article I read.

Here’s more information at:

When I can get rid of some of my other stuff posted here, I’ll get one.

Bushnell 8 x 21 Binoculars

June 7, 2009


Binoculars can run into the thousands of dollars. For an avid birder or hunter, it pays to have top quality optics.  For a casual birder like me, I probably should step up and get a better grade binoculars.

When testing a pair of binoculars, they all seem pretty decent until you do a side by side comparison. That’s when you notice the difference between good and excellent.

This Bushnell at $10 on sale is decent. I can’t complain for the money and if I happen to drop it, no big loss.


June 5, 2009

I fly often enough that it’s a pain.  I’d like to get a Scottevest packable wind breaker to carry all the stuff I need to get through security.

But at $75, I find it hard to justify. For now, it falls under the Wish List category.

Fox Whistle

April 18, 2009


A whistle should be part of every survival kit.  You can’t yell for help forever but you can blow til the cows come home.

The whistle is a pealess design that never fails to sound when you need it. It comes with a cleverly designed breakaway lanyard but I fear that it make break away or wear prematurely.