Heckler and Koch MP5

November 7, 2009



Unless the government reverses policy, here’s another gun that will remain a fantasy.  For those who want  one but can’t, the next best thing is an offering by Real Action Marker. It is a similar weight metal life size replica that shoots paint balls. Real Action Marker MP5 Cost: $525.  No government intervention: Priceless



Phasers on Stun

July 20, 2009

I remember wanting both of these as a kid.  phaser

As I grew up, I started thinking about how you prevent someone from being vaporized when all you wanted was to stun.  What if you had a brain fart? Sorry mom, Jimmy was picking on me and I only wanted to stun him…Sorry officer, I only meant to stun the felon…On the other hand if the felon is vaporized, there’s no evidence left behind….

When the Next Generation came about, I believed the phasers would look even cooler. Alas, they were a letdown.

The phaser will remain relegated in the realm of fantasy guns due to the laws of physics and the laws of the legal system.

Swiss Mini Gun

July 12, 2009


Why is this a fantasy gun?

  1. If you’re in the US, you’ll never be able to legally own one. Due to its size, it cannot be imported in.
  2. Even if it was legal, it would cost you $6500. Yup, six thousand five hundred dollars. That’s a fantasy to me.


It shoots a 2.34mm round. It’s custom built. And despite being a true firearm, the round puts out less energy than a high power .177 caliber air pellet gun.

Read more about it at http://www.swissminigun.ch/


June 21, 2009

If politician Ventura used it to mow down a forest to kill a Predator  and if Schwarzenegger  used it keep an entire police force at bay with  zero casualty, then it must be real…


The ultimate fantasy gun and wet dream for a gunner, this one even if it were available to the civilians would be beyond the capability of the user to wield like the action heroes, hovering over 100 lbs with ammo, motor, and battery. Can you imagine the recoil?

I’m too lazy to confirm the RPM but it is well over a 1000, closer to 3000 rpm, painting a picture with 7.62mm bullets of what Hell is like.

I’d love an opportunity to shoot a vehicle mounted unit…Also a wet dream.

.600 Nitro Express Handgun

January 22, 2009


Yup. That’s right. The wrist busting .500 S&W wasn’t enough. This guy has a .600 NE single action revolver aka Zeliska Revolver built by Pfiefer Firearms.  You can read more about the Zeliska Revolver here.

You can also read a Field & Streams article about why the guy had it built HERE. I wonder why he didn’t go for a .700 NE?

This one remains a fantasy gun because it’ll never be one that I would want to shoot.

Mare’s Leg

November 2, 2008


The Mare’s Leg. This is one where coolness ranks over function. It looks even cooler when someone is handling it. Notice the short barrel. It’s less than 16 inches, actually 12 in. Normally this means to legally own it, you need to pay a $200 transfer tax.

In this case, this gun imported by JB Custom, starts production as a handgun so there is no transfer tax.  Unfortunately JB charges $1700 for it so it remains a fantasy gun for this guy. Get a Winchester for $350 plus pay $200 transfer tax to legally chop the barrel and then tack on another $150 to chop it. That’s only $700 compared to $1700.  So why pay the extra? So you don’t have to go through the red tape.

Is avoiding the red tape worth $1000? Only you can decide.

Glock G18

October 11, 2008

Due to strict NFA regulations, this select fire full automatic pistol will remain a fantasy gun for the civilian, to be drooled over but never owned. I doubt that I will even have an opportunity to fire it as rental at a well stocked gun shop.

The 1300 rpm rate of fire seems to be high.  If they would throttle the cycle rate back to 500 to 600 rpm, that would seem to be better.

While there is an G18, there is also a G18c which is a G17 converted to fire full auto with the device known as the Fire Selective System for Glock or FSSG.  You can read more about this device by clicking here. Of course, this is also out of reach for civilian ownership.

For the next best thing , which is owning a full automatic replica of the G18,  click here.