Customized Colt Delta Elite – 7

August 24, 2009

It’s been awhile since I posted one.

I had this saved as a bookmark. Can’t seem to trace it back any farther. Who was the smith? Whoever it was, he did a nice job.


Custom Colt Delta – smith unknown

May 20, 2009


Nice looking, clean lines. I like the carbon fiber grips.

Colt Elite Ten Forty

May 2, 2009


Anyone have any history on this model that they can share? Numbers produced? From when to when?

I’m not 100% that I can classify it as a Delta variant but being that it had the Elite name in it, I did.

Colt Delta Elite 10mm

February 15, 2009

This was the father of all Colt Delta Elites, a blued Delta Elite, and technically I should call this Variant 1.  Anybody know otherwise? Regardless, it was the Delta Elite that saved the 10mm from certain extinction. That was in my opinion one of Colt’s few good decisions made in the late 20th Century.


Colt Delta 10mm

January 31, 2009


Delta Variation No. 4.  This is a rather Plain Jane version that seems to scream business and nothing but business. Notice the spur hammer and the full black grips that disappear into the night.

Anybody have information on this, specifically, when it came out and how many were produced?

Colt Match 10

January 24, 2009


Delta Variation 3.  Does this truly count as a Delta Variant? I vacillated on calling this one as it lacks the Delta logo on the slide yet the grips do have the Delta medallion. I don’t know if the gun came from the factory with the Delta grips but if it does then I would categorize it as a definite variant.  As it stands, it’s an iffy variation.

The Match 10 is the ugliest of the Delta’s I’ve seen so far. The Millet like rear sight perched high atop the slide and the steeply angled front sight are  just aesthetically wrong. The whole thing just looks like it was piecemealed together by an apathetic worker…but then it could just be a bad angle shot of the gun.

Anybody have information to share on the Match 10?

Colt Gold Cup Ten Delta Elite

January 17, 2009


Delta Variation 2. Can anybody shed some light on this variant? When was the model first offered for sale? How did it compare to the standard Delta Elite?