Inez Sainz

For the most part, I’ve limited women postings to women who are in some fashion tied to guns whether they are pro-gun or gun ad models (assuming they are pro-gun and not hypocritical).  I’m breaking stride here and the photo should be enough reason why I did…

Inez Sainz (32 years old!) is the TV reporter that caused a media frenzy following an recent interview in the NY Jets locker room.

When I saw this photo, several thoughts came to mind including some that will be left unwritten:

  • She has excellent posture
  • How come I never see anyone like that around here?
  • At work, all I deal with are pot bellied old men with an entitlement mindset who think they know everything, blames management for everything, yet won’t take responsibility for anything. Now if they looked like her, I wouldn’t mind dealing with them.

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