888 Professional Coptool


Evolution of the Perfect Carry Knife

After almost a  year of  daily carry, I feel ready to review the Coptool.

The Coptool is a combination of a straight edge knife, serrated knife, scraper, pry bar, and seat belt cutter. The scraper end could function as a makeshift screwdriver when nothing else is handy. The tool hovers around 2 ounces and is 3 in. closed. With that weigh and length, it can be attached to a keychain and go unnoticed in a pocket.

The blade is 440C. While it appears sturdy enough, I just can’t shake the feeling it could snap under pressure of heavy prying, but then I doubt I have sufficient leverage with the short handle to apply that much force.

I’ve used it mostly as scraper and after all this time, it has maintained its edge. Initially when I received the Tool, I had concerns that the knife edge may be too sharp in the vicinity of the scraper edge and lead to cuts while using the Tool in prying or other non-cutting functions. So far those fears are unfounded.

I believe the scraper end should have been a true chisel point as opposed to ground on both sides but there’s probably a method to the madness which I haven’t figured out.

I’ve also used it to cut through taped  boxes. The straight edge isn’t that sharp for this purpose but it is adequate.

For prying, it’s done an adequate job of shifting and opening some stubborn drawers in a steel filing cabinet and opening some paint cans. Neither activities have put a scratch on the blade.

I haven’t had to use the seat belt cutter. I glad, because God willing, I never have to.


  • It’s expensive for what it is.  At the time when I purchased it, retail price was just shy of $50. Compare it against a Leatherman, Gerber, SOG or other multi-tool. You’ll get a lot more for your money buying those.
  • The retail price just dropped to around $35…not a dislike, but a hate! I tend to think introductory prices are lower.
  • It’s designed in the US but made in China per designer spec. The price may include research and development but for the price, it should be made in the US.
  • There are no scratches on the finish after months of sitting in the pocket but the anodizing has worth thin in spots but seems to have halted.

You would think that with all the nits I would say don’t buy it, but I feel that short of defensive use, this is as close to perfection as it gets for my daily needs. I think the search is near an end…


2 Responses to 888 Professional Coptool

  1. walter says:

    Hello Sir,

    I’m with 888 Professional and I just ran across your review of our CopTool. I’m hope to speak to you or email you to get your thoughts on some additional designs. We appreciate your detailed review and hope we can speak soon.

    Best regards,


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