Cylinder and Slide

I have read many articles about the output from Cylinder and Slide over the years.  They appear to be a one stop shop for custom work on many different guns rather than focusing solely on 1911s as many other smiths do. That has its advantages and disadvantages.

One disadvantage is that as a generalist, you don’t get the reputation as being number one in a particular category like a specialist would. Case in point. Would you rather have a Liebenberg 1911 or a Cylinder and Slide 1911?

The advantage is that as a generalist and for the customer, once you know what they can do and do it well, you know who to go to for other types of work.

Anyway, Cylinder and Slide has grown over the years and so has their website.  One service they now offer and I’m glad is engraving. Engraving is always good!


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