Parker Jotter

For less than $10, the Jotter is great for someone who needs to channel nervous energy. Its clicker is the most solid, sure, strong, positive, and loud of any clicker I have encountered. It’s certain that if you were mindlessly clicking away on this pen in a group setting that you would either have amused or irritated people.

A salesman handed his Jotter to me to use.  I commented a number of times of how well the pen felt and how well it wrote.  The next day, he came by and presented me a new Jotter. The pen came with a standard ballpoint ink cartridge as well as a gel cartridge. The standard ink is quite good but the gel cartridge is the way in go. I haven’t used the Jotter for a long duration but it seems that it would be easy on the fingers in a marathon writing session.

The solid feel and all stainless steel construction makes it a better tactical pen than the ubiquitous disposal Bics. The Jotter’s small diameter tapered barrel does not provide for the firmest grip yet despite these seeming short comes, it actually grips more solidly than the Zebra F-701.  The Jotter also feels as it has more heft for its size than the F-701 but it gives up  a 1/4 in. in length to the F-701.  Given a choice between the two for protection, I would choose the Jotter.

Anyone feel any different?


2 Responses to Parker Jotter

  1. Tom says:

    The all metal Jotter and F-701 are both good smooth writers. The Jotter is made from a thinner metal with a threaded insert made of plastic, and the the F-701 has metal threads. The F-701 also has its threads much lower on the pen, beginning at 17mm (just over 3/4″) from the point, making it less likely to break in half in your pocket or in use. Both pens have smooth clicking action, the F-701 quiet and smooth and the Jotter solid and reassuring. The Jotter’s plunger mechanism is the same as the plastic Jotters; not very long lasting. The plastic teeth that go against the refill wear easily, rendering the pen garbage. I haven’t had Zebras long enough to judge ther dependability, although, unlike the botton threads to change refills, the top threads are plastic and none too strong. The Jotter is a very good looking pen and was my favorite until I discovered the F701. Hopefully Parker and Zebra can fix these plastic shortcomings. Two good pens would be excellent.

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