Cold Steel Mini-Pal

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Evolution of a Perfect Carry Knife – Part 5

I don’t recall mine having a hole in the bolster. Well, why don’t you just pull yours out and look at it?  Funny story to that…

I bought one several years ago and carried it for awhile on the keychain. I really liked it but had concerns with how it would be viewed by those lording over us. Eventually I relegated the Pal to a briefcase that I took to work daily. Other than using it to cut open boxes. I never thought much about it which is unfortunate because one day I took my briefcase traveling…to the airport…through security…

Things were going well until a TSA screener called his supervisor over. They looked at the monitor for awhile and then pulled out my briefcase and asked who owned it. I raised my hand, thinking they were concerned about the electric razor I had in it.  The supervisor asked if he could open up my briefcase. I said yes.  He pulled out the Mini-Pal… Oh, Oh. That wicked serrated edge, only about 1-1/2 in. long was politically incorrect. Now was I? I look the farthest thing from someone who would wage Jihad.

He asked me to stand aside and not touch anything. Five minutes later he came back after conferring with his manager. They didn’t know what to think of it, if it was a martial arts weapon or not.  They decided I was not a threat and let me go through with a strong warning that police could have been called. I apologized for my ways and thanked him.

The Mini-Pal was a neat little tool made of high quality steel with a commensurate quality finish. Being a fixed blade, it felt sturdy and solid. The handle, although small, fit in the palm well and provided for a secure and comfortable grip.  I liked the serrated edge because it retained the ability to cut well even after repeated use. All this time I never realized I was a national threat to the innumerable boxes I cut open.

While the Pal was taken by the TSA agent who in turn probably made it part of his personal collection, I have to say that I really don’t miss it. I wish I still had it but I won’t be getting a replacement as I have a whole lot more cutlery that’s cheaper, more versatile, and less of a perceived threat. That’s a good thing because I like to avoid prison and butthole violations.

The search continues…


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