American Goldfinch or Warbler?

What is this? My first inclination based upon length and slimness was a warbler but it really doesn’t match anything in my bird book.  When I looked at it some more, it seemed to be closest to a female goldfinch but it isn’t autumn yet.  And it does appear too large to be a finch. Can someone positively identify it?


I saw 4 of these and they seemed to coexist yet later one was aggressive toward another and chased it off.


2 Responses to American Goldfinch or Warbler?

  1. Dan says:

    Given that it was in the grass, and not a tree or bush, you can probably write off them being warblers.

    With the wing-bars and the color, they’re either female goldfinches (which don’t get brightly colored like males) or fledgelings. You said there were four? Were three following the others around, begging from a parent (female)?

    • 910mmman says:

      Thanks. They were for the most part in the brush and only in the grass for a few moments. I didn’t see anything to indicate a mother baby type relation.

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