County Com Prybar


Evolution of a Carry Knife?

OK, so this isn’ t a knife but it was still part of the search to find a tool that could be carried all day and that I would use on occassion.

This pocket sized pry bar from County Com cost $5 but they tack on $7 for shipping and handling. Yeah. Shame on me. I wanted this bad in my quest and they go to the bank thinking there’s one born every minute. I paid for the minaturization. Go to the hardware store and you can find a larger sized prybar for $2.

I carried this for 6 months and the truth is that I couldn’t really find a use for it. I had to go out of my way to attempt to use it as a screwdriver, to pry open an out of an alignment metal filing drawer, and to use the sharpened chisel end as a knife. Now this tool sits in my travel kit.


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