If politician Ventura used it to mow down a forest to kill a Predator  and if Schwarzenegger  used it keep an entire police force at bay with  zero casualty, then it must be real…


The ultimate fantasy gun and wet dream for a gunner, this one even if it were available to the civilians would be beyond the capability of the user to wield like the action heroes, hovering over 100 lbs with ammo, motor, and battery. Can you imagine the recoil?

I’m too lazy to confirm the RPM but it is well over a 1000, closer to 3000 rpm, painting a picture with 7.62mm bullets of what Hell is like.

I’d love an opportunity to shoot a vehicle mounted unit…Also a wet dream.


One Response to Mini-Gun

  1. Gamegeneral says:

    I am heavy weapons guy. And THIS is my weapon.

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