Spyderco Delica


Evolution of a Perfect Carry Knife – Part 4

For a number of years I had read about Spyderco. The hole was an innovation that allowed for one hand opening. And so it was after a number of years that I finally decided to pick one up to understand what all the hype was about. At $40, it was the most expensive knife I had bought up to that time. I had the Swiss Army knife and I had a standard Leatherman.

When I picked this Seki made knife up, the serrated edge was the only one available at the store. I would have preferred a combination straight and serrated.

It was a knife I would carry for several years. The knife was a paperweight carry and the pocket clip was innovative to allow easy retrieval. The blade opened smoothly and the one handed opening feature was novel.  Folders up to that time were not readily available and capable of one handed opening. The serrated edge was razor sharp and passed the test of cutting paper with a straight down push.  After some use, the blade lost its initial sharpness but it still is sharper than any edge I have been able to generate. I used it every opportunity I could.

As the years passed, Spyderco would make incremental changes to the Delica. Mine had an integral pocket clip whereas the later generation would have a removal clip. The grip pattern also would change.

This one was eventually relegated to the storage bin as the magazines influenced me into believing I needed a liner lock and more exotic metals. Besides, the serrated edge was considered too wicked looking and politically incorrect for carry.


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