Evolution of a Perfect Carry Knife – Part 3

Recall may be wrong but when I picked up my Leatherman years ago, they didn’t have names, at least not the way they do now.  I don’t recall there being more than one or two models available at the time.

So I carried a Leatherman in the supplied leather pouch. It was a fun toy to play with opening and closing it and the idea of a portable pliers was novel. I was always itching and trying to find a reason for using any of the tools on it, trying to justify carrying it.

To get to the knife blade was a two step process. First open the handles with both hands and then attempt to pull out the knife blade with the thumbnail without pulling out all the other tools. For defensive purposes, this was way too slow.

So not only was I carrying too much weight for nothing but its slowness made it unsuitable for defense. Eventually I sold the Leatherman. It was an expensive tool that was cool but useless for a person like me who hardly ever had a reason to use any of its tools.


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