Victorinox Tinker Swiss Army Knife


Evolution of a Carry Knife, Part 2

At some point around age 10 or so, I became enamored with having a Swiss Army knife. Monthly we would go to the mall and in the mall was Hoffritz cutlery.  They sold a variety of authentic Swiss army knives and they had a huge Swiss Army display knife that was electrically operated with about 50 different blades and tools swinging back and forth between the open and closed position.

I begged my parents to buy one for me. I didn’t realize we didn’t have that much money then so they never did. Instead one day we went to a tourist destination and they sold knockoff Swiss Army knives made in Taiwan for about $5. My parents bought me one almost without question. I was happy with the purchase at that time but soon realized it was a knockoff with nowhere near the quality of the real thing.

Flash forward to adulthood. It seems that suddenly authentic Swiss army knives are ubiquitous and affordable.  Target had a sale and I purchased the one shown above for about $15.

The blade is super sharp and has remained so to this day. The blade can cut paper with a straight push down on the paper.  How do they get the edge so sharp?

In addition to the obvious tools and blades, it also has a toothpick and tweezers.

I’ve carried this knife for many years. The Swiss Army knife is now relegated to the travel kit but as I sit here typing this, I can’t help thing why I don’t continue to carry it all the time. I know why…It’s because it can’t be deployed rapidly. The Spyderco knives with the thumbhole made one handed opening possible. At that time, self defense was a very important mindset. Still it could be a perfect carry knife with an assortment of useful tools and it is politically correct.

To be continued.


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