Colt Elite Ten Forty


Anyone have any history on this model that they can share? Numbers produced? From when to when?

I’m not 100% that I can classify it as a Delta variant but being that it had the Elite name in it, I did.


One Response to Colt Elite Ten Forty

  1. Ed says:



    The Colt Elite Ten/Forty was a special edition for Lew Horton Co. in the early 1990s.
    “This edition is a special dual caliber offering of Combat Elite semiautomatic pistol.Each pistol is furnished in 40S&W caliber and includes a 10mm conversion kit.The kit consists of a barrel slide stop,two recoil springs and guide,and a stainless steel 10mm magazine. In addition, each pistol is specially rollmarked “”ELITE TEN/FORTY”” on the left side of the slide and features a flat mainspring housing.This edition consists of approximately 411 units and utilizes a the special serial number prefix 1040E.”

    Hope this info is helpful.

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