Evolution of a Perfect Carry Knife


Evolution of a Perfect Carry Knife – Part 1

I remember my first knife at age 8.  I had wanted a pocket knife with two blades as displayed in a case at the Store. Every Saturday we went shopping, I would stop and stare and beg my mom to buy it.  For months I had begged her for it.  Finally one day she said she would buy it.  During that week, she came home from work and said she had a knife for me. When she handed it me, I couldn’t believe it. It was a switchblade!  How it the world did she get a switchblade?

It wasn’t fully functional. The blade would only pop open about halfway but it was better than what any other kid in the neighborhood had.  Eventually she revealed she found it while walking to the bus stop. She saw the handle sticking out of a lawn.

That switch is long gone now but that knife would eventually start a lifelong search for a perfect carry knife. Was the switch perfect? No, it was illegal.

No. 1 criteria for perfect: No jail sentence, confiscation, or fines.

The search continues…


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