Colt Match 10


Delta Variation 3.  Does this truly count as a Delta Variant? I vacillated on calling this one as it lacks the Delta logo on the slide yet the grips do have the Delta medallion. I don’t know if the gun came from the factory with the Delta grips but if it does then I would categorize it as a definite variant.  As it stands, it’s an iffy variation.

The Match 10 is the ugliest of the Delta’s I’ve seen so far. The Millet like rear sight perched high atop the slide and the steeply angled front sight are  just aesthetically wrong. The whole thing just looks like it was piecemealed together by an apathetic worker…but then it could just be a bad angle shot of the gun.

Anybody have information to share on the Match 10?


3 Responses to Colt Match 10

  1. John says:

    I owned a Match Ten, looks like mine- Colt told me they made 400 back in ’88, not much else for info, shot great!

  2. Preston says:

    I still have one of these. When the Delta Elite first came out this was the most advanced Gold Cup type available. Gold Cup versions of the 10mm were not available at the time. The adjustable sight allows it to be centered for decent groups at 25yds. I ordered from a dealer friend when they were first announced for sale and ended up with number 383 of the 400 made. It loves the hot Norma loads when they were available. Your picture does not do it justice from that angle.

  3. tactical tracker says:

    I have a match ten, no. 351. I have done some searches and also contacted colt archives. the monster rear sights had me wondering if it was original. According to colt the gun is like it was when it left the custom shop. I have seen two of these firearms sell since I aquired mine. One new in the box went for $2400.00 and the other, that showed some holster wear went for $1800.00. I laugh at some of the so called experts who value this fire arm at not much over $1200.00. Of course they would be the ones who would be tripping over themselves trying to get to it before anyone else at that price.

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