Colt Gold Cup Ten Delta Elite


Delta Variation 2. Can anybody shed some light on this variant? When was the model first offered for sale? How did it compare to the standard Delta Elite?


2 Responses to Colt Gold Cup Ten Delta Elite

  1. Chemsoldier says:

    I have one. This seems to be some kind of limited run. The Serial number have “GCTEN…” and a 3 digit number, so there cant be that many of them.

    I am not sure its years of production but I have heard tell it isnt terribly tough compared to other DE firearms.

    • Nate says:

      I have one as well. I read somewhere a while back that it was a custom shop limited run as well. I think they only made 150 of them and that the production was at the beginning of Delta series (right when the 10mm cartridge came out). The site I got the info from has been taken down….. not a lot else out there on them. I would love to know more about them. They are great guns.

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