Colt Delta Elite – First Edition Stainless


I’m sure someone out there has a list of all the Colt Delta Elite variations but I’m enjoying the process of finding them and keeping a blog on them.

I’ll call this one No. 1 because it’s the first photo of one published here in its original factory form, and I’ll be looking for photos of variations in their original untouched forms.


11 Responses to Colt Delta Elite – First Edition Stainless

  1. will says:

    I have one of the first 1000 made in stainless, best pistol i’ve ever own. Its marked” Colt Delta elite First Edition” matte with sides of slide polished. heard tales of cracks, yet fired it hundereds of times w/ no jams or cracks: every bit as tight as the day I first fired it. s/n 10ss076x

    P.s. I’ve fired at least 10 different colt 45 auto variations, its by far the best. I’m constantly inviting 45 users( who swear by them) to shoot it. Any comments welcome

    • 10mmman says:

      Will, that sounds like a great Delta you have. Do you have any other variations of the Delta? Also have you fired full powered heavyweight (200 or 215 gr) Double Tap ammo in it and how was it?

  2. unknown says:

    I have a special edition Colt Delta Elite that is blued serial #DEXX57 it came in a plastic box with extra mag and an extra set of grips that look to be Ivory with the Delta logo on them. There is also a round Delta Emblem decal. I have never seen another one and have been looking for info on it.

  3. Jun Orias says:

    I wish I can have one also……I know that Colt Delta Elite is one of the powerful pistol.

  4. David says:

    I have a question…I have a Delta Elite Bright Stainless..I just bought it from a friend of mine that said he bought it new in 1987….The grips however do not have the Delta medallion but has the Colt Medallion. Does anyone know if they did this on the early guns….As for the guy that has the Ivory grips with medallion, would you want to sell the grips..Thankd…David

  5. Dan Lanotte says:

    I have one of the Delta’s that I bought new in 1989. It has the stock rubber one-piece grip. It has given me good service but is on its way to Springfield for tightening and some “tricking-out.”

  6. cam says:

    does anyone know how to take the gun 100% apart or at least just to the barrel?

    • 910mmman says:

      Detail stripping (100% takedown) or field stripping (breaking it down to its major parts) is essentially identical for all 1911s including the Delta. It’s a relatively simply process but it’s too much to get into here. Just google field stripping 1911 and there should be plenty out there to help you.

  7. Bearce says:

    Just got mine ALSOME ( Colt Delta Elite )

  8. DEAN says:

    I know this post is older, but thought I’d post anyway. I have a Colt Delta First Edition #SS0442 It is the polished stainless model and has a set of grips I’ve never seen since I bought this one new. The grips are pitch black and appear to be hard wood, and the medalion is clear over black with the letters “Colt”. Anyone else seen grips like these?

  9. Andrew says:

    I have a special edition Colt Delta Elite that I purchased new I have never seen another that was packaged like it. It came in a blue finish with Rubber grips and a seperate set of grips that are either Ivory or plastice not sure. It also has a window decal with the Delta Logo. I have fired numerous rounds through it and would say it is one of the most accurate factory pistols that I’ve come across.

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