Surefire C3 Centurion HA

surefirec3anodizedI’m not a lucky person but  I entered my name in a drawing for this flashlight and won! It’s the only thing I’ve ever won that was of significant value.

This C3 was a three lithium battery model with a 100 or so lumen output. Our eyes are funny in that when lumen output reach a certain level, notable differences like 20 to 40 lumens becomes difficult to distinguish.  Comparing it to the output of a 60 lumen light directed against a wall, it took studied effort to determine which was truly brighter based upon the light pattern.

The C3 has a squared body and a ring near the tailcap to facilitate a cigar grip. I’ve never liked the cigar grip, maybe because I have small hands but mainly because it alters and lessens the grip on the gun. Plus it can either scratch the gun or light with a potential metal to metal contact. Also the C3 is too big and front heavy for the cigar grip.

The hard anodized military finish seemed much more durable than standard anodizing but I never deliberately attempted to scratch it.

Surefire as always makes quality products. This one continued to meet quality standards. It should when it costs over $100. But being that this one was free, I have no complaints about price.

Alas, this C3 was sold off as I tried and continue to try to simplify life…More posts on Surefire products to come…


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