Hideaway Knife


The Hideaway Knife is about as custom as a knife can be.  It’s not custom in that it is exactly configured to your specifications but it’s custom in being tailor fit to your fingers.  No other knife maker to my knowledge does that.  The knife shown above sells starting at $69, a bargain for something made to fit specifically to your size.

What’s really unique about this knife, unlike any other, is that when you open your hand, your “grip” on the knife becomes even tighter. When you fall, you have about zero chance of dropping the Hideaway. The negative is that you may end up falling on the knife.

Hideaway is a most appropriate name. With an 1-1/2 in. blade and weighing 2 oz or so, the knife goes unnoticed in everyday pocket carry. Is the pocket the most appropriate place to hide it? If not, where is the most appropriate place? The Hideaway website offers a number of suggestions and each has its pros and cons. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured a way to hide it in plain sight. By the way, Hideaway Knives has one of the most informative websites, chockful of information and insight on knives and how to use it.

The Hideaway isn’t a Crocodile Dundee knife but this velociraptor claw is a formidable weapon that will give even the toughest bad guy more than a pause.



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