Surefire G2


Surefire is considered one of the premiere flashlight manufacturers. Along with that reputation comes exorbitant asking prices for what amounts to be a tube for holding batteries, a lightbulb, a reflector, and a switch.

The Surefires lights are mostly constructed of aluminum.  The G2 differs in that its body is made of nitrolon, a polymer, and for that reason is significantly less costly then their aluminum line. The original G2 as this one has an incandescent bulb with a 65 lumen output. The current G2 lights have a LED light with 80 lumen output. The output can be blinding but my ideal pocket light would be capable of 500 lumen with a good throw….wishful thinking with current technology.

The G2 is well constructed and gives the perception that it handles shock better than a light with an aluminum body. It’s always been reliable which Surefire claims its lights are but then any flashlight I’ve paid more than five dollars for has always been reliable. The light operates with a on-off deadman push button switch. Tightening the end cap sufficiently results in the light being continually on.

Given the broad range of reliable flashlights available, I’ll opine that civilians don’t need Surefires and they certainly don’t need to pay the big money for them. However if you’re the type that wants a BMW when a Volkswagon will do, the Surefire line is what you’re looking for and go for the aluminum models.


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