Armitron Automatic Watch


I remember the wind-up Timex mom had bought.  It wasn’t the fanciest but it was reliable and once the plastic crystal cracked, I felt compelled to take it apart and see how it functioned.

I shunned watches for the most part and when I finally realized I should get a watch, the only ones commonly available were battery operated quartz and digital. I got tired of changing batteries and wanted the old fashioned wind-ups. I became quasi-Luddite in this regard.

Rolex was well out of my budget and so I settled for one of these, an Armitron automatic manual powered by body movement. Armitron goes under the slogan that they are America’s watch. Ironic that it’s Chinese movement, isn’t it? Even so, I can’t complain. It’s functioned beautifully so far. It’s asthetically pleasing and it’s fascinating just watching the movement through the front as well as the crystal back. It has a stainless body and it’s water resistant to 165 ft (50 m).  It’s a great value for the money but when I win the lottery, Rolex will have a new customer.


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