Photon or Fauxton Light?


Photons lights hit the scene several years back. They are of an innocuous size and one clipped on a keychain would go unnoticed in pocket carry.  I took one look at the over $10 price tag and said no way. I’m not going to pay for a light that costs more than a Mini-Mag. And so I went many years without a light despite thinking it would be nice to have one to check on the car tires in the dimly lit garage every morning. Too many flats…that’s another story.

Through the web, I became aware of the fake Photon or “Fauxton”. They cost 47 cents each when bought in a batch of 10. That’s not a typo – 47 cents! They may not be as reliable or sturdy as a Photon but given its price and how I use it almost daily where reliability is not critical, the Fauxtons are a supreme value.

When the batteries die, it’s cheaper to toss it than to replace the batteries. I’ve been using one for over a month and it still burns bright and it’s worked everytime I gave it a squeeze. I’ll come back to this post and post when the batteries die.


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