Lamy Safari

I remember having a few fountain pens as a kid. I thought they were cool and adult like but I couldn’t write anything without the writing appearing blotchy and smeared.

I’ve always liked pens but the nice ones seemed way out of line costwise.  As I was surfing the net, I ran across a review for Lamy Safari pens. The review was convincing enough and I picked one up with an extra fine EF tip.  It has a contemporary rather than classic look a fountain pen should have.  Adding to the contemporary look are the spring pocket clip and its plastic body. At $30 with cartridges, this was and is the most expensive pen I have in my collection.

The Safari is a light pen yet does not float when writing. It’s best to write with the cap off the pen as the cap makes it top heavy and less controllable. The two scalloped sides of the grip allows for an ergonomic positioning thumb and forefinger.

Some reviewers say the pen writes a bit scratchy and I understand what they mean however it is not bothersome to me.  It definitely does not have the smooth flow of a rollerball pen.

I enjoy the pen and it seems that every time I write with it, my penmanship is always better. Not having any other fountain pen to compare it against, I do highly recommend it as a first fountain pen for those interested.



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