Beeman Tempest Air Pistol

This air pistol was the gun that I would most often shoot because it could be shot indoors at anytime. It was great for practice because the piston was arranged to move toward the shooter thus simulating recoil.  That’s about the best thing going for the average shooter outside of shooting a firearm.

I hadn’t tried to ring the most accuracy out of the gun.  For the purposes that I intended, tack driving accuracy was unneeded.  I used low cost Daisy or Crossman brand pellets.   The times I did concentrate fairly hard on shooting it accurately, groups would be about 1 inch at 25 ft.

Shooting an air pistol accurately is actually more difficult than shooting an firearm.  The reason is the dwell time of the pellet in the barrel.  The pellet moves much slower, reportedly around 420 fps for the Tempest compared to the 800 to 1300 fps for bullet in a handgun.  The dwell time means more time for the gun to go out of alignment, the sights to be off, follow through  to drop off, etc. This magnifies errors on your part. In that sense, an air pistol is great for learning and sustaining marksmanship basics.

The rear sight is adjustable for guestimate windage and elevation via loosening of screws with a screwdriver.  The top elevation does have a serrated lines on the receiver which provides some visual cue as to how much to move the sight.

As with all guns, I’ve gone through a process of evolution.  It once suited me to a T but needs changed.  As I practiced dry firing more with a 1911, I shot the Tempest less. It was good having the recoil to contend with but the grip shape wasn’t conducive for muscle memory with a 1911. Obviously the more shooting you do the more reflexive it becomes.

Eventually I sold off the Tempest.  It had met its expectation.  The only thing better would have been for it to have had the profile and grip frame of a 1911. If so, I would still have it today.


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