Mare’s Leg



The Mare’s Leg. This is one where coolness ranks over function. It looks even cooler when someone is handling it. Notice the short barrel. It’s less than 16 inches, actually 12 in. Normally this means to legally own it, you need to pay a $200 transfer tax.

In this case, this gun imported by JB Custom, starts production as a handgun so there is no transfer tax.  Unfortunately JB charges $1700 for it so it remains a fantasy gun for this guy. Get a Winchester for $350 plus pay $200 transfer tax to legally chop the barrel and then tack on another $150 to chop it. That’s only $700 compared to $1700.  So why pay the extra? So you don’t have to go through the red tape.

Is avoiding the red tape worth $1000? Only you can decide.


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