Cross Century Pen/Pencil Set

So the wife is watching me sort my pens and a few weeks later, she pulls out this Cross pen set. I ask her where she got it and she can’t remember. She says that I gave it to her. I reply I would never give a woman a pen set.  I may not be the most social animal but I certainly know enough not to give a woman a pen set.

I have had a Cross pen set which I had shown her years ago but this Century Chrome set she pulled out on me out of the blue. I gave her the third degree and asked which old boyfriend gave the set to her.

I looked it over and I wondered what makes Cross so special. These have a tad more heft than would be usually expected but I don’t see where the premium material is making it worth its current asking price of $50-$60.

These are decent writers but scratch the name Cross off the pens and I would think that these are a ordinary pen and pencil set.  Set me up to do a blind writing test with the pen/pencil and I wouldn’t think they were anything special either. It’s all about the designer name.  What price do we pay for a name?

She finally came up with the answer that she got it from her dad…


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