RWS 34 Air Rifle

Like so many moms, mine didn’t want me to have a gun and so for the longest time, I didn’t have one…until one day I just bought one and brought in home under cover.

The RWS 34 was the very first quality gun that I bought. Memory must be failing me because I thought it was a RWS 34 but when I searched the net for specs, the specs say the velocity output is 1000 fps but I know that mine was only around 700 fps.  Maybe the specs have changed. The stock also has changed as mine did not have a pronounced cheek pad.

The RWS then cost a whopping $150 or so. It was with this gun that I learned the basics of marksmanship – sight alignment, breathing, trigger control. The rifle was more accurate than me. As I learned the fundamentals, my groups slowly decreased. It was a gun I lovingly held and admired every single line. I knew it wasn’t top notch quality but it was what my frugal nature would allow me to buy.

I had bought the air rifle to knock off the pesky birds that were dive bombing us when we used the back door.  It was bought to knock off the birds and rodents that were eating in our vegetable garden. And pretty soon, the birds learned to scatter the moment they heard the door creak open.

Awhile after I bought the RWS, I picked up a Beeman airgun catalog and fell for the advertising, believing I needed the refinements the RWS was missing. For instance, its stock appear to be a low grade blondish color hardwood compared to the rich dark walnut of the Beemans. The trigger guard and the trigger were stamped sheet metal vs. the castings. The Beemans used a plastic piston seal that never dried out vs. a leather seal. And true to the pattern to be established, I traded this one in for a Beeman.


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