Zebra F-701 Review

In an earlier post, I said get a Zebra F-701 instead of a $125 tactical pen. I had recommended a F-701 solely based upon having a Zebra F-402 as a basis of comparison.  Since that time, I’ve picked up a F-701 and can now provide a review.

Just a side note. My F-402 was made in Japan. The current ones are made in Indonesia.  The F-701 according to the package is made in Japan but is not inscribed so anywhere on the pen.

The F-701 has a stainless steel barrel with knurling at the writing end of the barrel. The pen has a nice balance with about perfect heft for writing. It balances well in the writing position with the barrel falling nicely into place and nestling in the thumb crotch.

The pen has a soft clicker. It’s a smooth operating mechanism that belies its $5 cost. For the elegant and the meditative types, this is almost zen like. For the nervous nellies, the clicker just won’t do much to channel the nervous energy.

The pen comes with a 0.7mm cartridge which provides a smooth even fine line. This is really a nice writer. I don’t know if I can say it is the best I’ve used but it certainly ranks near the top.

As a tactical pen, it will do in a pinch but it lacks the necessary heft and the diameter is on the smaller side.

The pen exudes quality, certainly more so than the $5 price tag would suggest. I would consider this to be an excellent value and highly recommend it.


6 Responses to Zebra F-701 Review

  1. Arnie says:

    I too like the F-701 ball point pen.
    Do they make the companion in 0.5 mm lead?
    That would be the perfect set.

  2. Andrew W says:

    Nice review. You mentioned you saw no stamp of manufacture on the pen. I looked mine over and found a faint “Japan” on the black plastic collar. Check yours. Strangely, my clip only says 701 opposed to the F-701 I’ve seen on recent batches.

  3. Oneloneman says:

    Odd. I have one older F-301 pen/pencil set that is stamped “Japan” and it’s over 20 years old. Everything elseI have, including a recent purchase of an F-701 and a couple of F-402s and 3 older F301s are all stamped “Indonesia” Are they made in 2 different places?

  4. Steve I says:

    I followed Andrew W’s advice and checked the black plastic, and found ‘INDONESIA’ across from the clip.

  5. […] for the firmest grip yet despite these seeming short comes, it actually grips more solidly than the Zebra F-701.  The Jotter also feels as it has more heft for its size than the F-701 but it gives up  a 1/4 […]

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