Glock G18

Due to strict NFA regulations, this select fire full automatic pistol will remain a fantasy gun for the civilian, to be drooled over but never owned. I doubt that I will even have an opportunity to fire it as rental at a well stocked gun shop.

The 1300 rpm rate of fire seems to be high.  If they would throttle the cycle rate back to 500 to 600 rpm, that would seem to be better.

While there is an G18, there is also a G18c which is a G17 converted to fire full auto with the device known as the Fire Selective System for Glock or FSSG.  You can read more about this device by clicking here. Of course, this is also out of reach for civilian ownership.

For the next best thing , which is owning a full automatic replica of the G18,  click here.


One Response to Glock G18

  1. jones says:

    she is beautful. very nice gun! the best pistol of world.

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