Cedar Waxwing

Observed September 28, 2008

I grew up in big cities where bird watching opportunites were limited…or so I thought.  I’ve always looked at birds but in the past few years, I’ve been paying more attention.

Unfortunately with my pocket digital camera, I can’t get decent shots of birds, so I’ll be borrowing pictures from various websites.

The first time I saw cedar waxwings was at work. It was a cold February 2008 day and the cute little things numbering at least 20 were rummaging for berries. Today in the back, there was a whole bunch hanging out in the big tree.


14 Responses to Cedar Waxwing

  1. quantathink says:

    Possible sighting in Cornwall, Wadebridge Dec 11th 2010.

  2. Paul says:

    Hi I’ve saw cedar waxwings about70 out my back garden

  3. Yoshi90808 says:

    Hello Waxwings come from Scandinavia they usually migrate to England but they came to Ireland I saw about 25 in my garden eating red berries they make a giggly tweet.

  4. Mrs. P. says:

    My trees have been full of Waxwings all day. I have mistletoe, cedar, and holly berries. Hugh flocks of birds, absolutely beautiful, but you certainly don’t want to stand under a tree and look up at them unless you have protection. They eat and digest quite rapidly.

  5. lebdog says:

    cedar waxwings spotted in charleston SC 2/11/2012

  6. i saw these birds in my yard and wondered what they were!! Lindale, GA 2/24/12

  7. Lois Cox says:

    Have a large flock of these beautiful birds eating berries off of some trees on the border of our property. Have never seen them before. Have lived here in Durham, NC for over 30 yrs.

  8. Carol says:

    I saw a cedar waxwing for the first time on May 30 in West Linn, OR area and again on May 31 in Tigard, OR. feeding on Red Hot Poker plants. Beautiful bird, I wished they’d stay here year around

    • Jeff & Shawna says:

      We have two fairly large patches of red hot pokers in our front yard. We just saw one a few minutes ago and got excited. I only saw them one other time about four years ago. My mother from Wisconsin was here visiting and knew right away what they were. There were about thirty of them that visited for ten to fifteen minutes at a time all day for about a week until they pretty much had their fill of our pokers. Such a beautiful bird. Wish they were here all the time. Jeff.

    • Jeff & Shawna says:

      Sorry, I forgot to mention that we live here in Longview, WA Jeff.

  9. Sandy Kope says:

    My husband just saw one in our back yard in Woodinville, WA. It flew in, grabbed some huckleberries and flew away. We haven’t seen one in 30 years!

  10. Nancy Ossenberg says:

    March 1, 2013, Kingston, Ontario
    My cat and I just had a rare treat: Our Eastern white cedar (juniper) was visited all morning by a flock of these gorgeous little acrobatic birds,
    eating the fermented berries! I never knew that they flocked. The resident robin, who has lived near the tree all winter getting tipsy on the berries, supervised the waxwings respectfully. A bossy starling also came by and tried to shoo them away, but they ignored him. What a delightful experience!

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